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Site Selection Is Key!

One of the most important factors in creating sustainable buildings is locating them on an appropriate site. Developing a building on an inappropriate site can result in the loss of prime farmland or key habitat. Urban Exchange is developed on an existing car lot that was already completely paved over.

Minimizing New Infrastructure

A significant economic benefit of infill development is the reduction or elimination of new infrastructure, including roads, utility service and other amenities already in place. Urban sprawl affects quality of life because commuters must spend increasing amounts of time in their automobiles. In addition, families often need more vehicles to accommodate family needs, resulting in a higher cost of living and less free time. The redevelopment of urban areas helps restore, invigorate and sustain established urban living patterns, creating a more stable and interactive community.

Services Within Close Proximity

In addition to being built on a previously developed site, with existing infrastructure, Urban Exchange is also within close proximity to basic services with pedestrian access between the building and the services. These services include banks, churches, a fire station, post office, restaurants, a theater, a fitness center, a museum, and more.

Transportation Options

Urban Exchange includes two levels of underground parking in order to increase density without the increased use of land. Beyond traditional vehicular transportation, the location of Urban Exchange also allows for easy access to major bus routes and a taxi service within yards of the project. Furthermore, convenient bicycle storage is provided at Urban Exchange, and there will be electric charging stations for plug-in electric vehicles. These transporation amenities will all be located in a secure, covered facility.

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