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Will the condos have stainless steel appliances?

Almost all of the units will, yes. Inquire for details about a particular unit.

Which kitchen appliances will be included in each condo?

Refrigerator, stove, dishwasher, microwave, garbage disposal.

Will my condo include a washer/dryer?

Yes. Some units will have for a stacked washer/dryer, some will have side-by-side washer/dryer. Check your unit's floor plan for clarification.

What fire prevention strategies are in place at Urban Exchange?

The building is completely sprinkled along with the latest firm alarm systems -- this gets inspected yearly, and the fire department reviews the inspections. Each resident will also have a hardwired smoke detector with battery backup in each bedroom and hallway.

There are two separate walls between each condo. Both walls have 5/8" fire rock attached giving the separation a one hour rating.

How sound-proof are condos at Urban Exchange?

The sound proofing (or STC rating) will be increased dramatically by the dense foam spray insulation between each condo. In addition, there are two separate walls between the units.

Between floors the sound rating is IIC, largely due to the use of a dense spray foam along with batt insulation. Each floor (except the first) will have a sound pad and floating hardwood, which will greatly limit the transmission of the deep sounds associated with floor noise. In addition, all of the 8 foot areas will consist of an additional ceiling further minimizing sound transfer. The living room is the only 9 foot area except in loft units.

Read more about the spray foam insulation at or in Spray Foam Magazine.

Are pets allowed at Urban Exchange?

Most pets are allowed, with a 25 pound weight limit. Some exceptions will be made for pets between 25 and 30 pounds. Please inquire!

What amenities are included in my lease rate at Urban Exchange?

Cable, Internet, Trash, Recycling, On-Site Gym.

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